Blog Post on the Taxonomy and Annotation of Offensive Language Workshop

On the 23rd of May, a workshop on Taxonomy and Annotation of Offensive Language: Implicitness was organized by Use Case 4.1.1 (Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Slavko Žitnik, Anna Bączkowska, Giedrė Valūnaitė Oleškevičienė, Chaya Liebeskind,  Kristina Despot, Ana Ostroški Anić), within the framework of COST Action 18209 NexusLinguarum. The workshop was a hybrid event with the on-site part hosted at the Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel. It attracted close to 30 participants both from WG4 and other NexusLinguarum WGs.

Blog Post on the WG4 “Abusive language dataset annotation” workshop

The Working Group 4 Use Case in Incivility in Media and Social Media (UC4.1.1) is involved in researching offensive language, exploring its recognition and identification methods in various everyday texts which might contain abusive content. Offensive language research may lead to establishing algorithms that spot offensive content and enable automatic protection of users from undesirable messages.

About Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

COST actions are about networking, fostering collaboration and advancing research and innovation. Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) constitute a powerful tool designed to serve these objectives. They are mobility grants that support a researcher’s visit to an institute in another COST participating country in order to get trained (or train) on new methods, and techniques, gain access to data and tools not available in their home institute, share knowledge and closely collaborate with researchers of the host institute. STSMs are intended especially, but not solely, for young researchers and can further advance their academic careers.