Dates: 1st July 2021- 30th September 2021

Duration: 3 months

Applicant: Patricia Martín-Chozas

Venue: Saarbrücken, Germany

Host Institution: DFKI GmbH

Host: Thierry Declerck

Involved WGs: WG1 and WG2


This STSM was motivated by the prior cooperation of the applicant group (Ontology Engineering Group) with the Speech and Language Technology lab of DFKI GmbH (Berlin) in the context of the Lynx project and the current cooperation with the Multilinguality and Language Technology lab of DFKI GmbH (Saarbrücken, which is the hosting institution for the STSM) in the context of the Prêt-à-LLOD project and the NexusLInguarum COST Action.

Such collaboration has demonstrated the affinity of the work performed in both institutions, which, in this case, lies in the generation, representation and exploitation of domain-specific linguistic resources (terminologies). Consequently, the work performed during the stay was mainly focussed on the publication of terminological resources following Semantic Web principles. Specifically, we observed gaps in the representation of both traditional terminological resources and modern terminological resources (we are working on a new concept that we call “enriched terminologies”).

To this end, we reviewed existing models to represent linguistic information in RDF, such as Lexinfo and Ontolex, and also related initiatives to represent taxonomies, such as SKOS, and terminologies, such as TBX2RDF. Throughout our meetings, we worked on several modelling approaches, reusing the above mentioned vocabularies to represent every piece of terminological information. We finally had the resolution to propose an extension of Ontolex, the most complete vocabulary for lexicographic data.

With that objective, had joint discussions on the requirements of both sides (different use cases): DFKI on the representation of terminological data of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) and UPM on the representation of enriched terminologies generated by the tool TermitUp. We also considered the representation of traditional terminological resources such as IATE. As a result, we agreed on the joint writing of a technical proposal to cover the above-mentioned needs, whose temptative is Termlex and it is described in the Wiki page of the Ontology Lexica community group. This proposal was presented in September 2021 to the community on the W3C Ontolex day within the LDK conference in Zaragoza.