Dates: August 15, 2021 to August 30, 2021

Duration: 16 days

Applicant: Liudmila Mockiene

Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria

Host Institution: Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Department of AI and Language Technologies.

Host: Petya Osenova

Involved WGs: WG4


The aim of the STSM was the extension of multilingual resources, i.e. carrying out research on COVID-19 and health-related metaphors in Lithuanian, as a less-resourced language, based on a multilingual corpus ParlaMint-LT 2.0 (Lithuanian parliamentary corpus).

This STSM falls within the research carried out by a group of researchers Kristina Štrkalj Despot, Ana Ostroški Anić and Petya Osenova, who work on a Use Case of Public Health under Task 4.4 Life Sciences in WG4, NexusLinguarum COST Action.

The greatest benefit of the STSM was the possibility to combine forces and not only analyse and process the data, but also represent it as an initial hierarchy/ontology of the frames obtained together with the related entries, which together with the researchers from the host institution were converted into an interoperable format as LOD ready to be incorporated into other resources. This goal was possible to achieve only due to close collaboration with the host institution.

The STSM also targeted discussions on the possibilities of further joint analysis of tendencies of the use and spread of COVID-19 and health-related metaphors in other languages and domains (news media and social media in a cross-lingual setting), focusing on the Lithuanian data, which will enable both comparison of the research results with the data from ParlaMint-LT 2.0 and the data in other languages.