Blog Post on the 4th Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge

Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK) aims at bringing together researchers from across disciplines concerned with the acquisition, curation and use of language data in the context of data science and knowledge-based applications. With the advent of the Web and digital technologies, an ever increasing amount of language data is now available across application areas and industry sectors, including social media, digital archives, company records, etc. The efficient and meaningful exploitation of this data in scientific and commercial innovation is at the core of data science research, employing NLP and machine learning methods as well as semantic technologies based on knowledge graphs.

Blog Post on the “Terminology and Specialized Knowledge” conference held at the University of Rijeka

The international conference “Terminology and Specialized Knowledge Representation: New Perspectives on User Needs” (TESK) was held on 9-10 June 2022 at the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka in Croatia. It was organized as a hybrid event with over 60 participants from 15 European countries, the majority of whom attended the conference in person.

Blog Post on the Taxonomy and Annotation of Offensive Language Workshop

On the 23rd of May, a workshop on Taxonomy and Annotation of Offensive Language: Implicitness was organized by Use Case 4.1.1 (Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Slavko Žitnik, Anna Bączkowska, Giedrė Valūnaitė Oleškevičienė, Chaya Liebeskind,  Kristina Despot, Ana Ostroški Anić), within the framework of COST Action 18209 NexusLinguarum. The workshop was a hybrid event with the on-site part hosted at the Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel. It attracted close to 30 participants both from WG4 and other NexusLinguarum WGs.